Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My latest adventure:

This is my first, ever, blog. Please wish me luck.

My son, John (or JP) has been invaluable in helping me to dive into this whole experience (re) Computer Generated Art. Losing my 2000 sq.ft. studio last year, forced me to re-evaluate possibilities which led to my deciding to quit painting and concentrate on The Computer as a "painting tool."

Giving myself a 3 year sabattical from painting, I asked JP if he'd like to "partner" with me in this new direction. With his enthusistic "Yes" I was introduced to an unknown world which he knew all about AND was quite expert in. My job was to create the stuff -- his job was to "schlep" the stuff. It's working beautifully.

SO, I, now, have a website (archer-art.com), a complete MAC set-up, with plenty of memory, an Epson 7600 printer, a 9x12 office w/2 work stations, and good storage. What more do I need?

AND, of course, many years of solid experience in producing real works of Art, not "eyewash."

As this "Grand Adventure" unfolds, I do hope you all will join me, question me, throw out ideas for me to ponder (I'll do the same for you), and be a part of this whole creative experience.

Let's have some fun!!!!! Best, Pat

Welcome to Artist Renderings

This will be a companion blog to my website www.archer-art.com . I will be using this blog as a forum to discuss events in the world of art and also to allow you to preview images that have not yet been added to my website. You're welcome to leave comments or ask questions regarding any facet of art in general or my art specifically.

Here's one of my latest pieces.

More news to come,