Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To continue: Here, see one of the images I showed my dealer, "Irving", who rejected it as being too "dark" and "moody" for his clients. It's one of a series I've worked on, over the past few years, based on a group of medieval caves found in Ajanta, India. As I found the religious imagery quite beautiful, I was certain others would, too. But successful Art Dealers understand marketing much better than I, and artists tend to be poor salesmen. Anyway, the lesson learned prompted the efforts to produce an image, or a group of images w/ a lighter, more "uplifting" sense about them.

(Now, as you can see, I'm still uncertain just how to design this page. I wanted to insert the "Buddah et Urn" here, but did something wrong. Since I've botched it so far, I'll add "Guanyin et Fleur" as another example of "the Lesson learned." SO, you make the adjustment and I hope I'll do better next time.)
I, probably, won't show these new things to "Irving" as they're really too "pretty" for his gallery. BUT, I'm also sending examples of my stuff to Publishers around the world for their consideration. This is where JP (son) comes in w/ his internet skills.
In the earlier BLOGS I spoke of entering a 4-month show at our PBI, our International Airport. They're having another competition there next month, and I've submitted another pc for that. If it's accepted I'll show you a picture + explanation.
It's 2:58am -- do you know where your children are??
Regards, Pat

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Been away!!

Sorry to have missed further dialog w/you, but I'm "back-in-the-saddle-again" as Gene Autry used to say. I'm up to my ears, producing and contacting those, out there, interested in the same things as I. John has moved to Delafield, WI, but stays in close touch via those marvelous "connectors" the phone and email. I'm presently working on a group of images influenced by a recent discussion w/ one of the great art dealers in America (if not the world!) Let's call him "Irving." I took a couple of pcs to see if he'd like to show them. He studied them for a few minutes and said, "they're very dark." "You mean too much black?" I replied. "No, too somber, too moody." In the following discussion he brought out the World Conditions we all are experiencing, and that clients of his are not at all interested in hanging Art that is going to further contribute to their fears and anxieties. So, we talked about family, golf, and his recent knee surgery, and I left. Back in the studio, though, I went over stacks of images I've collected for years, and picked out a bunch that had a light, airy feeling to them - a little more colorful and joyful sense about them. I'm going to leave you hanging, now. Susie just called to remind me we had to pick up a dear friend for dinner, in 10 minutes. In my next blog I'll include one of the "dark"images AND one of the "new" pcs. Also, get you caught up w/some other art-related activities.
Best, Pat