Thursday, December 11, 2008


As you can guess, I'm really new at this stuff -- I pushed the wrong button.

To continue: I selected 2 pictures of PB structures which were/are important in the development of The Town of Palm Beach -- 1) the first Episcopal church building (Bethesda ByThe Sea), and 2) a lovely entrance to an early Addison Mizner home. The ink-jet print is titled, "From Venice to Palm Beach". Many Italianesque homes are seen throughout The Town.

Through computer manipulation I was able to superimpose these slightly transparent images over the existing view of Venice, and "voila" you can see the result posted.

Underneath it all is the idea of "Creative Originality" (Renaissance Italian architecture which grew out of its native character and culture) vs "Creative Emulation" (which grows out of "what?") Think about it!!

The work was selected, now hangs in a prominent spot, will be there until Feb. 2009, and best of all, about 50,000 warm bodies pass through the A/Port EVERY month!!! What more can an artist ask??? (Maybe the Director of MOMA will walk by!)

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